Before I met Felix I didn’t think much about sounds but these days I’m much more conscious about what sounds are surrounding me. When I was in Scilly on Saturday I thought about how different the sounds of these islands are compared to Shetland.

Shetland in June will always be sounds of curlews and gentle rain on tin roof. I didn’t really notice hearing the sea and it was very calm when I was there so not much wind. In fact I mainly noticed the peace and the intense QUIET.

The sea rushed and grumbled in Scilly in August, I listened to the St Agnes bell tolling from St Mary’s and heard the gentle sounds of boats moving about. Oystercatchers flew overhead calling.

So different sounds that will forever remind me of these different islands and stored in my memory bank. The sounds of the summer from the most Northeasterly and most South Westerly points of the UK.

What have your sounds of this Summer been?

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