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:: It is May and there are lots of good songs about May. This weekend we have been enjoying singing to My Father’s Farm by Megson. (So good for singing with small people).

:: David Attenborough. I have been greatly enjoying all the DA 90th birthday celebrations, particularly the programme about Darwin this weekend. Made me teary at the end when he read the closing paragraph of Origin of the Species.

:: Poppies – there are gorgeous red and orange poppies spring up in unlikely places at the moment which injects bright pops of colour on pavements & roadsides.

:: Trip to Manchester where I visited the Whitworth and my favourite veggie/vegan cafe.

:: Trip to Green Dragon eco-farm. Sheep. Kids (as in goats). Bottle-feeding lambs. Go-karts. Piglets.

:: My veg box contains sorrel this week. I love that my box magically appears on a Monday morning.

:: Being nearly at the end of a book and loving it so much I can’t bear to finish it. I have been labouring over it for some weeks but the time has come!

A photo posted by Lara? (@inbetween_day) on

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  1. Cat says:

    How’s the nephlet?

    One of my current favourite seasonal recipes:


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