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1. I can drive but I often choose not to. Learning to drive was a traumatic experience involving 4 driving tests and including taking a wing mirror off a parked car. I am clearly *not* a natural driver.

2. My favourite colour is blue. All shades; turquoise, sea-blue, teal & azure. 

3. I don’t have a middle name so I invented ones for myself. Rosebud. I tried at Primary School to get it added to the register, they wouldn’t. Boo

4. I once broke my knee dancing in a nightclub and didn’t realise at the time. It was quite a surprise the next morning. 

5. I swear quite a lot in real life. Knobhead is one of my favourites.

6. I’m a huge music fan. I played oboe and piano growing up and went to music camp where some of my best friends were made. I love all sorts of music – classical, indie, folk, world. Listening to live music makes my heart beat faster and want to dance the night away.

7. Charles Darwin is one of my heroes. I have a secret love of Victorian scientists but I think Darwin writes so beautifully.

8. At University, I was involved in running an ethical investment campaign which led to our university being the first to have an ethical policy.

9. I am convinced that organic wine doesn’t give you hangovers…

10. I  would like to be an extra in an Agatha Christie. (Preferably a Miss Marple but at this point I’m not fussy.)

11. I still haven’t spent a night in a yurt to my shame. This must be remedied!

12. I have secret dreams to build my own house but considering it took me three years to get a wardrobe we aren’t holding much hope of this happening any time soon. 

13. I still haven’t read Middlemarch. It is my book nemesis. 

14. When I was growing up, I had a dalmatian and we lived at 101.  

15. If i was an animal, I would like to be a lemur so I could swing through the trees. 

16. I have a serious stationery addiction.

17. In the fictional heroines debate, I would pick Cathy Earnshaw over Jane Eyre. Every. Single. Time. (while singing Kate Bush)

18. I secretly want to learn to dance – ballet, clog dancing or ballroom are top contenders.


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  1. Cat says:

    Interesting list! I’m with you on the driving, stationery and oboe. But not when it comes to Wuthering Heights, sorry! 😉 Isn’t it funny how there are two main Bronte camps?

    What did you think of the Darwin character in Aardman’s The Pirates!?

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