Beautiful blue skies and my favourite view in London #spring #springhassprung #livethesimplethings

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:: Today is the Spring Equinox and it really feels like Spring has arrived.

:: Yoga – I did a gorgeous workshop today. Stretching, talking and meditating in a lovely sunlight studio in the company of other woman was a great way to spend a Sunday.

:: Fresh flowers. At the moment I have flowers blooming all around my flat which is a lovely way to bring the outside in.

:: Watching my niece in her first music concert.

:: Sitting in my mum’s garden – sun on my face listening to a robin sing/tweet on a nearby bush.

:: Coffee. Delicious coffee.

:: Birds eating fat balls from the bird feeder.

:: Listening to Simple Gifts after hearing it on Jill Paton Walsh’s Private Passions. Originally a Shaker folk song, it feels perfect for this time of year.

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