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Hurrah! It is the Easter break – a chance to celebrate Spring. It is such a hopeful time of year  – celebrating new life, new beginnings and longer days. Since the equinox on Sunday, I have been feeling that Spring is really starting with some blue skies and gorgeous spring flowers. I have been enjoying listening to birdsong and charting the longer daylight hours.

This week I have been really thinking about the rhythm of the year and cycles and how we should adapt our lives to suit it. The longer days give me more energy and I want to be outside, move more and eat lighter foods. I have been on a massive declutter; spring cleaning/clearing is well underway in the Lara nest. I’m enjoying clearing the dust from the corners and feel like it is shaking off the dark winter months.

Celebrating the seasons is a useful way to bring you into the present, into the now and connect you to you to the world around you. For me, Easter is a celebration of nature and spring which I love.  However, it is worth bearing mind that the environmental cost of Easter can be high and each year, more than 8,000 tonnes of waste is generated just from Easter egg packaging and cards alone. So over recent years, I have  experimented with different ways to mark the festival.

:: Go for a walk to look  at beautiful spring flowers. I am partial to hellebores, cherry blossom and I have been enjoying the parks in London planted with crocus and daffodils. I also love having spring flowers around my house. Beautiful flowers are in season at the moment and have pots of daffodils on many surfaces.

Trip to see snakehead fritillaries in Cotswolds: field full of these subtle beauties. #flowers

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:: Support fritillary open days. Snakehead fritillaries are beautiful subtle flowers and once common place in Britian’s water meadows. Sadly, this habitat is harder to find and this plant is an endangered species in the wild (mainly because of intensive farming methods) but there are few places in the country where they can be seen during April. Near Cricklade in the Cotswold, there is a field which fills with fritillaries  which I visited few years ago. (I warn you the aubergine colour is subtle against grass but it is still a really good thing to support).

Easter Sunday – cooking for family and celebrating spring.

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:: Creating an Easter feast. Last year, I decided to celebrate Easter by creating a Jerusalem and the delicious Ottolonghi book of the same name. I enjoyed celebrating spring eating food inspired by such a holy city where three of the major world’s religions had been born.

Easter Feast inspired by city of Jerusalem #ottenlenghi #jerusalem

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For the Easter feast, I made Roasted chicken with clementines, lamb meatballs with broad beans and lemons and then plenty of salad goodness for the vegetarian options so I didn’t go hungry! These included Baby spinach salad with dates and almonds, root vegetable slaw with labneh, basmati and wild rice with chickpeas, currents and herbs, with pitta breads and humus.

It was fragrant, delicious and felt suitably celebratory. My sister made an amazing rosewater meringue for pudding which we decorated with figs and honey.

:: Easter crafts are a joy and I have a Pinterest board full of origami bunnies, and flower wreaths. I used to love painting eggs when I was younger and my grandad used to save goose eggs for me to paint. Another favourite present for Easter is a knitted washcloth alongside a foil wrapped egg.

Daffodils of dreams

:: Air is the element associated with Spring, which feels very apt on such a windy day. In Japan, they celebrate the coming of spring with colourful kites and in Tibet, prayer flags are used to bless the surrounding countryside. I love the idea of using colourful streamers or kites to welcome Spring.
::Listen to  the ‘Power-charging the Equinox’ episode of Love Life. It is a eco-hippy podcast and thoroughly enjoyed it last year. I have already re-listened to it for this year.
However you are marking this Easter weekend, I hope you are having a splendid time. Happy Easter and roll on Spring!

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    thank you very much. recipes about spring for today :)) I will try to do all omg. much cream. :)) love it. <3

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