Dahlias – How I have missed you. #finally

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:: Walking along the Thames this morning in the sunshine
:: Drinking tea on the train out of my lovely China travel mug
:: Wearing a coat which was my Mum’s – preloved clothes are the best.
:: Feeling lucky after watching programme on The Food Bank in Dundee.
:: Planning a Blue Moon sweater.
:: Enjoying reading these  posts on World Vegan Day.
:: Following the book recommendations on The Year in Books twitter chat.
:: Fireworks & sparklers – it’s that time of year!
:: Lovely comments on my last post – thank you for your messages and texts.  They have done me the world of good. 

On dark dreary day here is another gorgeous bloom #daliahs #latesummer

A photo posted by Lara (@inbetween_day) on

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