Over the last few weeks my heart has been overflowing with reasons to be cheerful so I thought what better than to remind us all of them while the rain falls down on this grey bank holiday Monday.

:: Celebrating end of Summer (or nearly end of Summer) by heading to Towersey Festival this Saturday with my family; dancing to Bellowhead and Stornoway felt a lovely way to celebrate the seasons change.
:: Spectacular evening sunsets – I have enjoyed watching skies fill with the pink clouds.
:: Libraries – there has been much quality time being spent in them reading and writing my essays. 

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::Delicious dinner dates with friends – thali at Drummond Street and laksa at St David’s in Forest Hill.  It feels like some kind of normality is being reached with crazy work: studying so I’m hoping balance can continue as there are lots of people I haven’t seen for ages and desperately want to see.

:: Returning to WI for the first time in ages to make floral crowns and pretend we were in Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Eleanor’s white and green crown @boroughbelleswi @hcranmer #feelingfloral #floralcrown

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:: Stir-fries with leafy greens and tofu.
:: Downpours of rain – some of the heavy bursts of rain have felt tropical and remind me of being in South East Asia. 
:: Memories of Wilderness Festival – exciting, inspiring and fun-filled weekend which scratched my camping itch and gave me a great opportunity to play.
:: Spotify ensuring I can find things to please my ears – currently enjoyingDrowned In Sound Summertime Sadness playlist.
:: Owen Jones’s thoughtful blogpost about the challenges ahead for Labour if Corbyn’s elected leader.
:: Handknits keeping me warm while I tap away at my essays.
:: Finally this TEDxTalk by Harry Burns, ex-CMO for Scotland entitled What Causes Wellness”.  It is one of the most inspiring things I have read/seen about public health recently and I have to admit left me slightly misty-eyed. 

It also contains a quote which I think is so apt for the moment:

“What we need is a compassion that stands in awe at the burdens the poor have to carry, rather than stands in judgement at the way they carry it.”


2 Responses to Reasons to be cheerful – the August edition

  1. Susanne says:

    Dear Lara

    I love reading your blog – and your reasons to be cheerful brighten up my day many times.
    Thank you and Keep at it!
    All the best for your studies,

  2. Cat says:

    I second Susanne’s comment! Love your blog and your joie de vivre.


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