Monkl, photographed by the lovely Felicity Ford

:: The sound of rain

:: Swimming: The rhythm of the strokes and the water on my skin.

:: Tidy corner of my house

:: Sweet orange oil scenting my room.

Tidy corner

:: Friends making me laugh; Monkl’s lovely face appeared via What’s App this week!

:: Homemade packed lunches

:: Playing in a tent with my niece

:: Lovely inspiring conversations at Fibre East

:: Zingy bright colours

:: Spending time with my mum

:: Refinding my knitting mojo and fitting few rows where I can (like waiting for a train).

:: Lovely comments on my blogpost – I loved writing it and getting excited about the books.

Oh it's so exciting to be spending a night in a tent #auntielove #latergram #toddlerhoodwoolly #fibreeast #sheep #knittingGorgeous colours at Easy Knits #allthecolours #fibreeastGrabbing few knitting rows while waiting from delayed train. Fibre East was inspiring and brilliant. There is serious yarn in these bags. Knitting mojo has been refound. #sundaymorning #knittersofinstagram #allthecolours

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2 Responses to Reasons to be Cheerful

  1. Monkl is ludicrously excited to be on your blog and wonders if you have ever heard of bananas? He says they are no. 1 reason to be cheerful.

  2. Cat says:

    The Minions would agree :-).

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