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Mornings. Inhale. Exhale. Quiet. Stretching. Hopeful. Multi-tasking. Music. Dancing. Coffee. Decisions. Journals. Lists. Heat. Sweat. London. Rushing. Work. Sister. Laughter. Chatter. Friends. Tinder.  Studying. Libraries. Playing. Proms. Drama. Lights. Beauty. Love. Photos. Notes. Essays. Doodles. Meetings.

Brainstorms. Presentations. Conversations. Submissions. Hiding. Solitude. Sparkle. Cooking. Courgettes. Iron. Sunflowers. Colours. Post-its. Stickers. Games. Organizing. Dates. Messages. Excitement. Patience. Impatience. Disappointments.  Restless. Exasperation. Work. Swimming. Sunshine. Blue skies. Breeze. Drizzle.

Words. Emails. Ideas. Dreams. Friendship. Birthdays. Dogs. India. Holidays. Ventures. Wanderlust. Notebooks. Lunchboxes. Sleep. Routines.  Sewing. Knitting.Wool. Dragons. Crafting. Make. Do. Believe. Repeat.  Trains. Frustration. Daydreams. Reading. Planning. Wondering. Growing. Breathing. Living. Now. 



*Thanks to Susannah Conway for the inspiration.

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