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Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post. I’m glad it chimed with some of you and that we can stick to together in the years to come. I also need to thank Borough Belles Jess who inspired me to think about my personal response to the election after a thoughtful Facebook post.
Lovely Sarah Corbett from Craftivist Collective wrote a beautiful post about what sustains her as an activist and with her campaigning which is really worth a read.
At present my mind is still a whirl thinking about what can be done and how to support best my local community. But there is also work to be done, studying to be fitted in and body and soul to be kept together. So in the spirit of resilience and hope, I thought I’d share some reasons that I found this weekend to be cheerful.

Chelsea Fringe Event at St David's #SE23love #seedbombs

Red on green #yum

Totally Forest Hill weekend #FiverFest #SE23love

:: Feeling the sun on my face and opening all my windows in my flat.

:: Community: South East London has been awash this weekend with fêtes and Artist Open Houses. Forest Hill was no exception with Havelock Walk open studios complete with shark fins set into the road, local traders offering bargains as part of Fiver Fest and a Chelsea Fringe event at my local cafe.

:: Clean washing.

:: Avocado on toast: Carrots and Hummus: Strawberries. All simple and delicious summer treats.

:: Hot baths with muscle soak with early evening sun streaming through window: good for the soul.

:: Great Tumblr post about Moomins.

:: Lovely article about why sensitive souls need rituals.

:: Refreshing Cheryl Strayed article and interview about how to write with Motherfuckittude: the work of writing, strength and resilience.

:: The Archers had a beautiful segue about birdwatching this morning which delighted me including the phrase “You lose your confidence in being able to tell common waders apart.” Hurrah for some ordinary countryside news and not crazy melodramatic plotlines!

What reasons have you found this weekend to be cheerful?

Indeed. Happy Mayday #signs

*Reasons to be cheerful posts are to remind myself of all the fun, good things I see, read and find out about. 


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