:: Being lost in a good book.This week I powered through Jamaica Inn which I loved.  Wild men, wild moors, wreckers and Cornwall. I was very sad when it ended. Mary Yellan is such a fantastic character – she has the wildness of Catherine Earnshaw but with compassion, less self-centred and makes much better choices.

:: Feeling energised at work – recently work has been hard (very hard), huge amounts to do and very long days. However I appear to have regained my mojo and have powered through my to-do list which is a great feeling.

:: Long light evenings meaning you can finish work with blue skies overhead.

:: My local neighbourhood has a street piano outside the station. I’ve been a bit scared to try playing it but I will soon because it was so lovely being serenaded walking home on Thursday night!

:: Listening to Bellowhead, Martha Tilston and Alt-J – makes me type faster and I’m sure think quicker! I’ve also really enjoyed the Women’s Hour takeover episodes this week as well.

:: Cocktails and catching up with a very good friend who haven’t seen for TOO long!

:: Next week I head to Berlin for 5 whole days – yippee! I’m currently list making of things to see and do, putting things in piles to pack and generally getting excited. Part of the fun of travel is anticipation as well as frantically running around doing things. I have never been to Germany before and am excited – have just discovered Berlin Zoo has a 5-story Aquarium, 5 floors of wonder! Amazing!

I started writing Reasons to be cheerful posts to remind myself of all the fun, good things I see, read and find out about every week.

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  1. Felix says:

    Hello beautiful Lara!

    I also love listening to Alt-J and am extremely enamoured with the idea of the piano outside your station. Hurrah for your serenadist. There is one at King’s Cross International, too, and listening to it either side of last year’s Brussels adventures was for me one of the great sonic highlights of various Eurotrips.

    Hurrah for your adventurous spirit, your description of the heroine in the novel reminds me of how I think of you.

    Turbolove to your happiness and may the spring bring you yet more reasons to be cheerful. xxxFelix

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