For those following the blog for a longtime you will know I’m not a natural completer finisher in life, my craft pile of UFOs and life to-do lists are definitely a testament to that. I would say I’m more an’ ideas and enjoy the process’ type of person. However recently I have a few “commitments” coming to an end (calling them projects would feel a bit grand!) and it feels great.

The end of Lent meant that I finished my plastic challenge which was brilliant, eye-opening and extremely challenging. I loved the support and conversations I had about the environment and it really made me consider how and what I consume on a daily basis.  This week I have finished my 100 happy days which I have loved taking snaps for – they have been some gorgeous gentle reminders of things that everyday make me happy.

In a couple of weeks, I will step down from Borough Belles which will be a big change for me. I’ve been on the committee for about 3 and half years, being President for last two. I have mixed feelings because I love the WI, have made brilliant friends from it and it has also been a really important community for me. There has been something very grounding having a group where you turn up and chat with while crafting, dancing or eating cake. (All important happy day making things).  I’m really lucky that in Oxford I found the fantastic Bluestockings and in London the wonderful Borough Belles. But I’m also excited by the idea of stepping back a little and cheering from the sidelines.

In the past, I would have immediately thought about WHAT COMES NEXT and new projects but this time I’m taking the opportunity to breathe, just be for a while and see what I fancy doing. There will be lots of plans to make and goals to reach but for the moment I’m savouring in the after-glow of actually finishing a few things and feeling some tension ease from my shoulders.  There will be blogposts coming about all of these things I can feel but for now I’m just taking my time.

All change here.


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