Wovember is the latest genius idea from two of my favourite knitting comrades. Throughout November the plan is to show our collective appreciation of WOOL by wearing as much as possible, celebrating the wondrous quality of wool through stories and pictures and lobbying the garment industry to fully appreciate and label wool appropriately.


There are many things I could say about Wovember…

:: about how important sheep farming is to protect certain types of wildlife and stories of wool I have bought where I know it has actively contributed to biodiversity projects and protecting landscapes.

:: stories about my favourite sheep breeds (Herdwick, Oxford Downs, jacob and North Ronaldsay) and sheepy places.

:: how learning to knit has led me to make some amazing friends and have some fantastic fun!


:: about the amazing properties of wool and the many uses that can still be found for British wool – mulching veggies and deterring slugs, insulation in roofs or even in Abel and Cole veggie boxes, carpets (amazing shop on Lordship Lane which has carpet made from British wool), how lanolin protects skin and chapped hands.


:: about how much I enjoy knitting pure wool, particularly in moss stitch.


:: how good it felt to put on some woolly socks in Borneo this year after 20 hours of walking up Mount Kinabalu.

:: how hard it is to make a living from sheep farming.

:: how important it feels to buy and make about garments made from pure wool which is biodegradable when 2 million tonnes of (mainly) textile waste is thrown away every year.

:: the amazingness of mutton and how we should eat more of it to support British sheep farmers who are struggling to sell their older animals.

:: And finally how much I still REALLY hate MOTHS and the damage they can make to lovely 100% wool!

But while I think on about some of these things, Kate and Felix have both written much more eloquent posts that you should read. And skip over to the Wovember website and sign the petition, enter the competition and  celebrate the marvellousness that is wool!


3 Responses to Mutterings: Celebrating Wovember!

  1. Annie says:

    Great post. knitsofacto is wearing the Wovember button on its sidebar, but I’ve yet to marshall my thoughts and find something meaningful to say about it all.

  2. Lynne says:

    This Wovember I would like to express gratitude for lanolin and its protection of my poor lacerated breastfeeding nipples. Also to apologise for saying nipples on your blog. Nipples!!!

  3. Lara says:

    Tee hee! Trust you Lynney to lower the tone of my blog. You are always weIcome to bring your nipple chat to this place. In fact I was thinking about your nipples and the wonder lanolin cream as I wrote this post – is that a bit wrong?! Hurrah for amazing wool!!

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