Happy Mother's Day 

So, I have a new job which is slightly overwhelming and exciting at the same time. It is a great job but daunting at the same time. However it is all about rising to the challenge and remembering that it takes at least 6 months to really settle in anywhere. I have had a whole week off to prepare for it and catch up on all the domestic chores that I have been piling up since Christmas. It has been quite exhausting but also a much needed break.

Today I have finished the week off seeing my mum and sister for Mother’s day. It was a lovely day involving roast chicken, walks in the sunny university parks and a few little treats.

Daffodils of dreams

– Daffodils and paper white narcissi from the Isles of Scilly bought at the covered market. They smell absolutely gorgeous and buying them I had a little thrill that come June Mum and I will be back on the Islands for a couple of weeks.


– I knitted mum a dishcloth in Anny Blatt cotton which I brought back from my Paris Trip and parcelled it up with some soap. The colour of the cotton is so vibrant. It is like a slice of sunshine and I think it will look really nice in my mum’s kitchen. I loved the pattern and will definitely knit some more of these in the future.  Ravelled here. I quite like the idea of starting my own little stash of knitted dishcloths and homemade tea towels.


–  I made some florentines which was very exciting. I had wanted to make them since I first bought ‘How to be a domestic goddess’ and they seemed to me the perfect treat for Mother’s Day. They were really easy to make and a nice thing to do on a Sunday morning – I made all the batches before 9am while leaping around to Radio 1 and drinking copious amounts of tea!

Hope you all have had a lovely and relaxing Sunday!


7 Responses to Recharging the batteries

  1. The flowers are very beautiful. Yellow always makes me think of Spring. I also have to say my mouth is watering after looking at your Florentines. Yum!

  2. Liz T. says:

    Ooh, pretty daffodils. Unfortunately the winds are now playing havoc with the ones in Woodstock so I may have missed my moment for the perfect daffodil shot!

  3. Felix says:

    I think your flowers and washcloth look very pleasing.
    I love the colour of the yellow/golden cotton you used! It is very vibrant and joyous.
    And the image of your florentine-making festival with tea and radio in the kitchen fills me with affection and love for the wondrous Lara.

  4. ruthcrafts says:

    Love the presence of daffodils and sunshine everywhere, especially after rainy day today 🙂 As for the thought of easy florentines – I think I’ll have to look into that some more (I’ve tried Delia’s, and they’re good, but fiddly, with much risk of burning sugar and caramelising the world!)

  5. Lynne Miles says:

    You have a new job? What, where? We must be in better touch. I hope it’s going well. I’m going to phone you this weekend, so BRACE YOURSELF!

  6. Philippa says:

    OK, so I am exceeding late to the party, but CONGRATULATIONS! on the new job. I hope it is fitting you a little better by now, and you’re looking forward happily to the next few months.

  7. […] and my grandad used to save goose eggs for me to paint. Another favourite present for Easter is a knitted washcloth alongside a foil wrapped […]

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